Our Mission:

We exist to love people well and help them find and follow God.



hiking 2We are on a journey.

At the center of this journey is Jesus.  We want to continually become better followers of Christ and we invite anyone who wants to join us on our quest as well.  We do not maintain, we multiply.


We are a hospital, not a courtroom.Hospital2

Our hearts and doors are open to others.  Too often, people who are hurting and broken have been judged at church and they may feel unworthy of God’s love.  We are a place where God’s love and grace are proclaimed, regardless of what we have done.


Blue PuzzleWe are contributors, not consumers.

We are challenged to be a part of a team at Crosspoint.  We are all different shapes, pieces of the same puzzle, and each has an important role to play.  We believe it is our calling and duty to serve others just as Christ did during his time on earth.  We do not sit and simply absorb, but instead pour into the lives of others in and out of the church.


We dig deep wells.shovel

At Crosspoint, we do things that we know will keep digging deep wells of life giving spiritual water where everyone can come and be refreshed.  Engaging in the deep and rich practices of the Christian faith, we remember where we come from and where we are going.


pulseWe are dynamic, not static.

We are proactive about changing our community and world for God and for good.  We understand that when God wants to move in this world, he uses people.  We actively look for ways in which we can help other people, explain the hope that comes from following Jesus, and build more deep spiritual wells in other locations.


We dream big, but start small.church1

We dream God sized dreams and know that small things add up to big things.  God has big plans and we believe direction, not intention determines destination.  Without vision, we wander.


dollar3We are audacious about giving.

We don’t take things for granted.  We give generously back to God and others because we recognize that all we have belongs to God so we respond with the best we have, not our leftovers.


We can do more by doing less.Targer

We want to do everything we do with excellence and we want to be known for what we do well.  Simplicity enables excellence.  We place a disproportionate value on creating an environment and culture that boldly celebrates Jesus and attracts people far from God.  Good is not good enough.  Focused excellence is.



This is who we are.

We are ordinary people with an extraordinary God.

Welcome to Crosspoint.  Welcome home.